Friday, November 30, 2007

"when the moon hits your eye like a giant pizza pie...

that is BELLORE MI AMORE." - leo quesada

two of bellore's very first customers.


Leo said...

You can't miss the Miso-glazed Salmon! First time I've had a salmon cooked to that perfection! hehe ala steak eh...y'know, medium rare. haha genius.

The three-course idea's great too..suddenly the bill ain't that expensive naman pala. haha! Thanks for the complimentary dessert!

We'll be back for the lamb! wuhoooo!

Kimmy said...

Bellore is Amore!

The food was great and the service was fast and friendly. The food was tender and tasty and the portions were plentiful. Leo's right, the Miso-glazed Salmon is a must have. (Promise!) The entrees already come with salad and soup so you're definitely given value for your money.

Congrats on the opening and thanks for the dessert! Will definitely visit again to try the other dishes. :)

arvi09 said...

hey! thanks guys! you are now officially, bellore's image models. hehe.

we'll make sure you won't be disappointed on your next visit. we're preparing to add more items on our menu.

thanks again!