Friday, June 6, 2008

new menu

Ceviche de Bellore 150
A Latin-American salad made of citrus-marinated prawn, fish, and octopus.

Satay Chicken 140

Skewered chicken fillet in rich peanut sauce. A Singaporean favorite.
Gula Malacca Wings 140
Chicken wings glazed with gula sauce and topped with sesame seeds.
Pork Sinuglaw 140
Grilled marinated pork belly and seasoned with native lemon and onion leeks.
Salt & Pepper Spareribs 140
Cantonese dish of crispy spareribs in salt & pepper.
Tokwa’t Baboy a la Kazu 130
Tokwa’t baboy with a Japanese twist.
Drunken Spicy Curried Crablets 140
Crablets marinated in rice wine with hints of spices. Served with vinegar dip.
Calamari Fritti 140
Crispy squid with rich wasabi dip.
Herbed Chicken Wings 140
Chicken wings marinated with mixed herbs and served with carrot dip.
Oyster Parmesan 140
Fresh oyster baked with parmesan cheese and mixed herbs.

Rice Meals:
Chili con Carne in Sour Cream 75
A dish of Mexican origin with an added twist---sour cream!
Katsudon 90
A popular Japanese dish made of fried breaded pork cutlet, egg, rice wine and soy sauce.

Got an exam the next day? Japanese children love to eat katsudon for good luck.
Ma Po Tofu 75
A popular Szechuan dish of ground beef and tofu in rich spicy sauce.
Beef Rendang 90

A Singaporean hawker dish of Malaysian origin, beef stewed in rich spicy coconut base.
Pork Herb Adobo 80
Our take on the perennial Pinoy favorite.
Sukiyaki 95
A dish for the colder days in Japan, our sukiyaki consist paper-thin beef, shitake mushrooms, veggies, and egg in sukiyaki sauce.
Nonya-Style Pandan Chicken 85
Chicken fillet in creamy pandan sauce. A fusion of Chinese and Malaysian flavors.
Beef Stroganoff 85
A Russian dish of sautéed strips of beef, sour cream, and mushroom sauce.
Fish Fillet in Tom Yum Sauce 85
Pan- seared fish fillet served with spicy tamarind sauce.
Lemon-Butter-Garlic Chicken 80
Crispy chicken in lemon, butter, and garlic condiment.
Mixed Seafood Rice 85
Mixed seafood and veggies served in sweet and spicy glaze.
Steamed Chicken with Chinese Sausage 80
Steamed seasoned boneless chicken thigh and Chinese sausage.
Chopsuey Rice 75
A Chinese dish of mixed vegetables in oyster sauce.

Family Serving (good for 2 – 3 persons) :
Pollo al Forno 250
Italian Roast Chicken
Cream Dory in Lemon-Butter-Dill Sauce 250
Dill-marinated cream dory.
Osso Bucco 280
Broiled beef shank immersed in Italian-style stew laced with herbs, wine, and olive oil.
Lamb Korma 280
Lamb leg Garam Masala stewed to perfection.
House Roast Beef in Demi-Glazed Sauce 280

Marinara 130
Mixed seafood pasta with choice of olive oil, tomato, or cream sauce.
Putanesca 110
Anchovies, capers, olives, herbs, and tomato sauce.
Libiciatta Nique 110
Olive oil-based pasta with minced shrimp, squid and pesto.
A’ Matriciana 110
Tomato-based pasta with bacon and ham.
Bolognese 110
Tomato-based pasta with ground beef.
Mommy’s Carbonara 120
Carbonara the way it should be.
Negra 120
Squid pasta in ink.
Al Pesto 120
Olive oil- based pasta with herbs, pine nuts, anchovies and parmesan.

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